The Purpose

The main purpose of this blog is to put into writing the many small group adventures I’ve experienced over the years by being in and leading small groups.  I also hope to learn and hear from the experiences of others, so we can all improve the way we do small groups.

The term small group is so broadly used in the Church today, and I see so many different types of groups just in the church that I attend here in Southern California.  I believe we all have a specific need or purpose we want to fill when we first join or start a group. Our vision for the group or where we are headed can evolve, but there is always the ideal situation we strive for.  What might that be for you and your group?

For me, the community of believers in Acts 2:42-47 is an ideal model of what small group can look like.  My community is strong in certain areas and weak in others but I believe we resemble the Acts church in the way we serve together, always attend worship services together, sharpen one another, and build each other up.  We also go on mission trips together and are regularly bringing new believers into our community.  Everyone is engaged and on fire, but on the journey there have been inevitable missteps, fumbles and even suffering.  The important thing is that all of us are growing in love.

Most of the stories shared here will be about my past groups and other individuals from whom I have already received permission to share publicly.  Hopefully, the stories shared will be to our enjoyment and edification.  I look forward to the journey.

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  1. I’m glad I found this blog especially because we’re just introducing small groups in our Youth church.

    Can you probably write a post about starting small groups, activities that bond members + how to build authentic community in the small groups?


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