Food For Thought

This past Sunday we had communion to ceremonially fulfill Jesus’s instruction to remember His body, broken for us and His blood, poured out for us.  I felt very connected to all those participating in this act of solidarity.  While I believe Christ wanted us to honor and remember His sacrifice of love through this act, I also think there is something about the act of breaking bread that serves as a great catalyst for community.

Food can fill the soul as it fills the body.  It plays an important role through the process of grieving in many cultures.  For Thanksgiving day it serves as a reminder for what we are thankful for.

Eating together should be a regular habit for small groups.  Gathering around a table to break bread creates a relaxed environment, very conducive to openly sharing.  It’s a great time to pose deeper and more penetrating questions, not only because our guard is down, but also because our comfort level is up.

I believe we miss out on opportunities to develop authentic community when we don’t take the time to eat together.  Through this holiday season, I pray you take every opportunity to share yourselves as you share a meal with others.

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