Social Clubbing?

These days there are more people, places and things vying for our attention.  The internet and social media give us instant access to all kinds of social groups and events.  So it is all the more important that our small groups be much more than just social clubs, because the world has mastered the art of social clubbing.

What attracts and keeps people in our small groups is love.  A great gage of how well we love is in how many new believers we attract to our groups that want to stay for more.  There is a woman in my group who was a non-believer.  I remember her telling me one day that Christ must be real because of the way our group loves others.  Fun events and even curiosity may draw people in and keep them for a short while, but only love will sustain them and give them what they really need, which is community.  In what ways can others witness love in your small group?

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