What’s your Compass for Dating?

Being  in a singles small group and around singles all the time, a lot of conversations naturally get steered toward the topic of dating.  Disenchantment and confusion are common sentiments shared in these conversations.  I really feel that much of the confusion is because many Christians that have not found their calling or purpose in life are trying to find a mate.  It’s like someone that has not found Christ trying to go on missions.  The first ought to be a compass for the latter.

Furthermore, it’s not enough to just settle for anyone calling themselves Christian and seems to have found their calling.  We need to seek out Godly Christians, exhibiting fruitfulness.  The sad truth is that there are plenty of so-called Christians out there that exhibit fewer fruits of the Spirit than non-Christians.  This is probably why I know so many Christians that are in relationships with non-Christians.  But if the source of that fruit is not the Holy Spirit, who does not dwell in non-believers, that fruit is temporal and will not last the test of time–especially in times of crisis.  Even as Christians we can hijack the work of the Spirit.  That’s why Christians can fail in their relationships as well.  Just ask any Christian who has been in a failed marriage to give a testimony on this–myself included.

Though I have been a believer for a while, it’s only been over the past three years that I have really found my purpose of starting and developing healthy small groups–not just through my church but through my job and hobbies.  Though I took several detours,  that path has been set by God for me.  As a result, I know myself better, as well as what to look for in a mate.  All that wasn’t revealed to me until I allowed the Spirit to work out a ton of issues in my life, and started to grow real fruit.  I’m so grateful He did because I have never been more happy with where God has me or excited about where He is taking me because I know I am following the right compass.  What compass are you following?

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