The Importance of Like-Minded Encouragement

God wants to use you right where you are, even if where you are seems to be devoid of God. My friend JP Murillo, felt a nudging in his heart from God while at Anime Expo 2012 to somehow bring Jesus to the people at the expo who share his interest in Anime. He loves Anime and the many subcultures involved, but how on earth could he use that passion for God? He could have just ignored this nudging, but instead he resolved in his heart to somehow bring God there.

Six months after the expo, JP found himself in Japan where he met a young lady from the US named Cecilia whose passion and dream was to bring Jesus to the Anime community (sometimes referred to as the otaku community). Being like-minded, JP decided to collaborate and support Cecilia in her vision for a Christian otaku community–exactly the type of community JP was looking for. Upon returning to the US the two met up and found other like-minded individuals and started a small group of sorts, dedicated to bringing Jesus to the otaku community. Thus, Jesus Otaku was formed.  Through the meeting of like-minded people, JP received the confirmation and encouragement needed to pursue his desire to bring Jesus to the otaku culture. “When two people believe in the same thing, things can happen. When you are alone, it’s just an idea.”

Since that original call, JP has had the opportunity to use his skills and gift of dance to perform at Anime Expo 2013 and 2014 with Jesus Otaku. God has opened doors for Jesus Otaku to set up booths and perform at many anime and cosplay events. Several people have come to Christ as a result of their outreach and God continues to grow this ministry. They have a number of conferences and event planned for this year. You can find more info about them on their website

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