First Steps to Miracles

On a journey of faith, God usually just opens a door or provides a next step.  He seldom gives us the entire blueprints to the plans, but when we step out in faith, awesome and exciting miracles happen.  Such was the case for my last trip to help plant a church in Berlin a few years ago.

The first step I was given was to attend a meeting about missions opportunities in various cities.   Then I was directed to walk into a room full of retirees and people the age of my parents, wanting to help plant a church in Berlin.  Though I wasn’t too excited by the prospect of going on a trip with people twice my age, I knew this was where God wanted me.  So I moved forward with the necessary training after making a commitment to go.  But I still had many doubts and objections.

First I told God that I couldn’t complete all the training and meet with the team because home and work were more than thirty minutes away from church.  So, a week later, he moved my entire office less than five minutes from the church.  The first meeting I had with the missions Pastor was literally steps away from my office.  Many subsequent meetings were held at that location.   Humorously, God eventually moved me into a place right behind the church, with a partial view of the church from the kitchen where I am typing these very words.

Despite this miracle, I still had questions, like how would I pay for the trip?  I hate asking people for money, and I would’ve had to use all my savings for this trip.  Around that time, I had heard my pastor say that if you need more time or money, give more of it away.   So logically, I gave money to friends for their missions, while I needed to raise my own support.  Immediately, money for my trip started coming in from people I had never even told about the trip.  All the funds I needed came in, and didn’t have to use my savings.

At this point, God had already performed two miracles.  What more did I want?  Still, I had one more objection.  As if God hadn’t already imagined it, I petitioned Him. “God, wouldn’t it be great if I could go with some friends or at least with people my age?”  Then, God decided to cancel my trip and postpone it for a year.  I was frustrated that after all the time invested and though I had trusted and obeyed, my trip was cancelled.  As I was again doubting God, I did not realize that God was assembling a team of people my age during that year – mostly from my small group.  From this group I would build some important relationships and receive so much blessing.  Two of the people from that team are now my roommates and dear brothers in ministry.

Though I never imagined it happening that way, I ended going on an amazing trip full of amazing miracles along the way that year.  Sometimes, we won’t know how God will use us or even how He’ll get us there, but unexpected and exciting miracles are in store for us when the we step out in faith.

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