Small Group Lifestyle Evangelism

On Sunday, a few friends and I went for a very late dinner to a restaurant that was empty aside from staff that were watching hockey at the bar.  The conditions were perfect that night for our server to spend a few extra minutes to chat with us, during which we found out that she had recently moved to the area to reconnect with her children.  At the end of our meal, we asked our unsuspecting server how we could pray for her as she brought us the check.  Nobody ever refuses prayer–right?  Indeed, she did want prayer to help her find a better job.  So we prayed for her and closed out our tab.  As we left the restaurant and headed toward our cars, my friend Matt threw out the idea of choosing a restaurant that we could consistently return to every Sunday. We get together every Sunday night for dinner after the night service anyway.  So, instead of just showing up somewhere random to eat, we could show up to the same restaurant each week to pray for our servers and bless them.  Over time we’d get to know the staff and become their friends. The idea is that they’d eventually all come to know Christ.  “That’s a great idea,” I told Matt.  “Let’s do it!”

Isn’t that the way we ought to be living day to day anyway?  We can all think of some restaurant or cafe we are regular patrons of, but imagine going to your local coffee shop after a small group meeting or even having your meeting there and blessing everyone around?  It would pay out greater dividends than trying to share Christ’s love on your own.  Hanging out at Starbucks to bless the barista and pray for them every week with your group could cause quite a stir.  The light of your small group’s presence would just permeate that place of business and even spill over to other customers and maybe even neighboring businesses.

That’s something I want to try with my small group.  Maybe we can find a local business that we are likely to frequent, and intentionally show up to bless that place of business.  It can be a frozen yogurt shop we go to after group, or a coffee house we can hold meetings at.  This would be a great way to include our entire group in a very simple form evangelism.  It would also model to everyone a lifestyle of evangelism, rather than having to create new activity we have go out and do.

I’m going to present this idea to my group this week and see how it goes.  Please keep us in your prayers.  I’ll try to post some stories of our adventures in the near future, but I also pray that this might give you some great ideas for lifestyle evangelism within your own group.

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