Accessing Your Spiritual Wealth

This is a three part post on spiritual investments: Knowing Your Spiritual Budget, Accessing Your Spiritual Wealth, and Making Spiritual Investments.  Here is part two: 

Accessing Your Spiritual Wealth

I know that I  have a vast wealth of spiritual blessings available to me, but how do I know what blessings to ask for?  As we surrender to Him and pray in faith, God offers a glimpse into His heavenly treasure vault.  There have been times after catching a glimpse, I’ve thought “wow, that’s just too much for me to handle.”  Of course, the greatness of God’s blessings is too much for any man or woman to handle.  That’s  why we need faith that God will help us fulfill the vision.  So how do the wheels get set in motion on this vision?    Whatever God has promised us in the vision, requires our faith being put into action.  There’s always a next step that He asks us to take, but it usually requires a sacrifice.

Once the wheels are set in motion, then there’s the waiting period.  This is where our faith is stretched and tested.  Based on scripture and even Church history, many of the biggest dreams have required the longest wait and usually greatest steps of faith.  Furthermore, the greatest triumphs of faith as mentioned in Hebrews 11 reveal to us that the men who showed the biggest faith, did not even realize what was promised in their visions and dreams within their lifetime.  Hebrews 11:39 says “and all these, having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised“ (NASB).

I’ll confess, that I don’t know if I want to a dream so big that I wouldn’t see it happen in my lifetime on earth.  This is something I’ve wrestled with.  But it’s not my responsibility to determine how great the dream is.  It’s my responsibility and privilege to exercise my faith.  God is the one that determines my faith capacity.  He is the author and finisher of our faith.  Romans 12:3 tells us that “God has allotted to each a measure of faith” (NASB).  God will give me the vision, it’s my job to step forward in faith and access those blessings.

When it comes time to access those spiritual blessings, it’s good to know how spiritual transactions work and who the players are.  I like to think of it as a Trinitarian transaction.  God provides the bank of vast spiritual blessings, Jesus is the Guarantor/co-signer, and the Holy Spirit is our identification/credentials, showing our seal of ownership into the spiritual blessings.

When I approach the bank of God and ask for a withdrawal via prayer I not only need to have faith that God will deliver, but I ought to be thankful in knowing that I am a co-owner with Christ of the blessings, even though I have not put a penny into the transaction.  Jesus paid it all, yet I am a co-heir with full access.  That’s pretty cool.


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